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Mia Finnegan

Results & Accountability Coach

Mia Finnegan is an internationally respected wellness and leadership expert and speaker.

She is a wife, mother of 3, transformation coach, teacher, and mentor.

She and her husband Ritch own and operate Finnegan Wellness, LLC a multifaceted company that specializes in health and wellness accountability coaching and transforming people worldwide spiritually, mentally, and physically.

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What is a Results & Accountability Coach?

An accountability coach is someone who is there to provide support, guidance, mentoring and holds people accountable to take specific action to change habits and reach their goals.


“I've learned that PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY is the most important ingredient for success.”

~ Mia Finnegan

5 Day Booty Challenge

The 5-Day Booty Challenge is a power-packed, 5-day challenge that will build your momentum, confidence, and booty!

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One Hour Zoom Consultation

In this 60-minute zoom or phone consultation, I will discuss your current exercise, eating, and lifestyle habits, assess your goals and time commitment and implement a realistic plan of action moving forward.


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"Because of the laid out food plan and accountability, I'm feeling more in control of what I am eating which is attributing to me feeling better about myself and being more in control of my habits!"

Susie F.
Accountability Program

Additional Programs

Not everyone can train with a personal trainer but with me you have access to a series of virtual personal training programs that I will coach you through as you achieve your fitness best. Simply select the plan that aligns with your goals, level of independence in working out and support needs and use the strength, cardio, and meal plans to achieve your personal best body & mind. I will support you over your training program and will help you get results.

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